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[adult swim]

Creating a premium streaming app



This was a concept project in which we created a premium streaming app for the [adult swim] brand.  Our goal was to include features not commonly found in popular streaming apps, to both set us apart from our competition and provide our users with the ultimate interactive viewing experience.




Google Forms







Brand Research

Competitive Research

Comparative Analysis

Survey & Interviews

User Personas

Hand Sketching



Usability Testing


Two weeks from ideation to high-fidelity mobile prototype


Bryan Cowe

[research & synthesis]

Dunn Del Mundo

[wireframes & prototype]

Kimberlee Kelly

[design system]

Sierra Wren (me!)

[research & synthesis]


Though [adult swim] currently offers a streaming app, users may only access content with a cable subscription. Some popular shows are also available on Hulu and HBOMax.


In designing a streaming app, we wanted to focus on premium features to set it apart from its competitors: the ability to chat while watching a show and earning trophies were two of our priorities. 


We began by familiarizing ourself with the [adult swim] brand and existing popular streaming services. We were also curious how the brand is perceived. Next, we crafted a survey and completed user interviews to understand viewer preferences and streaming behavior.

Brand Research

[adult swim] first debuted in 2001, as a late-night counterpart to Cartoon Network​.  It airs over 100 original and syndicated, animated and live-action shows, aimed at an adult (16+) audience and is the top-rated cable network for viewers between the ages of 18-49.

wordcloud2 (1).png
Brand perception

When asked what they think of [adult swim], users had varied responses.

Comparative Analysis

In order to remain competitive, we analyzed multiple elements of popular streaming apps.

Comparative Analysis black bg.jpg
Streaming Preferences Survey

To learn a little more about viewer preferences, we designed a survey. Along with simple demographic data, questions related to cable access, streaming app sharing and priorities, and additional features that would benefit a streaming app. From a total of 22 responses, we were able to determine the following:

Users want additional features.jpg
Interview Data

Additional data was collected by interviewing a total of five individuals. Questions covered streaming services, social sharing, gaming & gamification, and [adult swim] content.

The majority of the data has been categorized into eight sections. Click on any image below to enlarge it; use the arrows to scroll through the categories.


We then created two different user personas, each with a unique task flow through our app. The users interact with the app - both with content and other users - to make it more than just a viewing experience.

User Personas

After analyzing the data gathered from the survey and interviews, Bryan and I set out to create two users for our app. We first created Mikey as our "power user", who's been watching [adult swim] since its inception in 2001. Though more than half of viewers are male, we wanted to be sure to represent all users with our personas. As such, our second persona is Hayley. She is our "n00b", who was just introduced to [adult swim] by her roommate. 

As you can see from their profiles, our two users have some similarities, but they differ in their goals and needs. Simply put, Hayley needs breadth of content, while Mikey needs depth.


Mikey needs access to exclusive content because he has been watching [adult swim] for nearly 20 years.


Hayley needs multiple ways to explore new content to find shows she likes as much as Rick & Morty.

Our goal with this project was to create a premium streaming app, not just another streaming app. Since our users have multiple, complex needs, we needed to create multiple solutions.

How Might We...
  • give users agency in curating suggested content?

  • gamify the [as] mobile experience to further engage and delight users?

  • provide users with a platform for social interaction to generate discourse about the content?

  • create new ways for users to discover or sample new content?

  • engage the nostalgia of our OG viewers?

  • create shareable content for our users that bond with others through social media?

  • give users content that does not require viewing?


The goals we created were fueled by the desire to make this app as interactive as possible. Rather than simply using the app as a viewing platform, we wanted to enable users to earn achievements, unlock content, and share clips.

Gamification - PRESENTATION.jpg

With our personas in mind, we created two separate task flows. We used existing streaming apps to guide the steps of the user flow, and we figured out how to incorporate multiple goals in each user's flow through the app.

Navigating the App

Each user has their own task flow through the app. Mikey follows the yellow path: he logs in first before adjusting some settings and watching a show. Hayley completes the sign up process before finding a Rick & Morty podcast.

Adult Swim user task flows


We were very excited to begin the design process. We started with a design studio, then took ideas from each person's sketches and incorporated them into mid-fidelity wireframes.

Design Studio

Before creating wireframes, we held a remote design studio. We collaborated on Zoom and uploaded our sketches to Figma; we were then able to add comments to each other's designs with "sticky notes". This process helped us streamline our most important features while finding the best way for these features to fit within our designs.

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 2.30.18 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 2.27.57 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 2.26.41 PM.png
Feature Inspiration

In order to provide a design consistent with user expectations, we drew inspiration from existing streaming apps.

user profiles.jpg

User profiles


Usability Testing

Once our mid-fidelity wireframes were ready, we had six users test our app. They were given a total of six tasks; we recorded the time it took to complete the tasks along with any errors made. We also asked for feedback and comments throughout the process.

Task 1: Register

“This feels funny and adult swim-like but also super standard - ticks all the boxes I’d want to see... except, I would love to see what amount I’d be saving if I paid yearly, next to these price choices.”

Task 4: Share Content

"This was very simple and easy."

 "I like this... would I be able to choose between an Instagram story or Instagram post?"

Task 2: Change Preferences

"I actually liked that I can access the algorithm. Some places have you just swipe and delete. I like the toggle a lot. It shows me that I can craft my algorithm."

Task 5: Get an Achievement

“I think this is really cool. It allows people with similar interests to communicate and connect with each other.”

“It would be neat to learn new things and get access to behind the scenes content. It would lead me to see shows I’ve never considered just to see what I could unlock."

Task 3: Add Content to List

“It’s so easy - I like that the ‘add’ button is nice and big. If I was not sober at the moment, like maybe a lot of Adult Swim users, that’s a good thing to have. Big buttons.”

Task 6: Find the Fish

“Fish! Sweet... I’d cast that to the TV.”

“Live Fish. This is golden.”

Wireframe Iteration

After usability testing, we took our wireframes from mid-fidelity to full-color high-fidelity!

Adult Swim navigation and shows

Navigation: Shows & Search

Design System

While bringing our app to life, we made sure to adhere to brand guidelines. We created a design system to maintain consistent logo, icons, colors, fonts, and tone.

[as ] Design System


We finished strong with high-fidelity wireframes and a prototype.

Video walk-through

Next Steps

If this app were to go live, our main priority would be to continue cultivating premium content for users. We'd also like to complete A/B testing on the gamification features to iron out positive and negative impacts. Lastly, we'd love to incorporate either augmented reality or virtual reality, to further allow interaction between users and content.

Next Steps
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